Logan Mnogolits

aka: burrrata

About Me

I spend the majority of my time careening through the internet and oversharing as I go. I care deeply about anything that furthers human cooperation and coordination. Ideally this looks like positive sum incentive alignment mechanisms (cryptoeconomics) that support the development of the commons.

More concretely, this looks like:

  • sovereign identity/data
  • decentralized finance
  • FLOSS and permission-less innovation
  • automating the routine to make room for deeper thought
  • community driven networks where users have a say in governance and receive value when they contribute value

To do this I'm currently exploring:

  • client side crypto and ML applications
  • decentralized governance in FLOSS and blockchain communities
  • full stack application development with user controlled identity/data, verifiable scripts that run client side, and decentralized infrastructure on the back end

My Works (in progress)
  • Tic Tac Toe

    An interactive Tic Tac Toe game where the Endgame initializes a Game of Life.

  • Rusty Cryptoeconomics

    A Rust book that explores the basics of blockchain infrastructure. All code examples can be run in the browser via the Rust Playground.

  • Entropy

    A single file passphrase generator written in vanilla javascript w the Web Crypto API. Also includes resources to understand the basics of password cracking and why size really does matter.
    - TL;DR: every additional character you add to a passphrase exponentially increases the difficulty, so pick a long and memorable phrase :)

More stuff on GitHub

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