After much anticipation and preparation, Cryptoeconomics.Study is live! We have a new website, new lectures, coding challenges, and a DAO. Best of all... it's completely free and open source. Check it out!

We are now releasing the first 3 chapters covering cryptography basics, networking, and proof of work account based blockchains. Every concept is introduced with a lecture video and study notes. Then we provide an interactive coding challenges so that you can actually apply and test your knowledge. While the core team will provide the initial exercises, we highly encourage (and actively reward) community contributions. Our hope is that as the community takes the course you'll add in your own challenges and bonus rounds. This way as new Ethereum features and apps are created the course can always stay fresh and constantly evolving.

Speaking of community driven open source stuff, we have a DAO! Yes we do :) Unlike most DAOs that have a single token, we have 2! Yes that right... not 1, but 2 tokens! Gerbil tokens for core builders and Carrot tokens for community contributions. This allows the core contributors to initially manage things, but then transition more and more control to the community as we evolve. We will do this 2 ways. First by minting lots and lots of Carrots for the community via bounties and weekly allocations. Second, we are working on integrating a dual token voting app that will allow votes to be split between both Gerbils and Carrot holders. This will ensure that incentives are aligned and only win-win proposals can be passed. More details on the DAO and how to earn Carrots can be found here :)

If you thought the DAO and new course was cool, we're just getting started! Our goal is to build out several more chapters covering things like Plasma, Proof of Stake, and everything all the way up to Eth2.0. We truly believe that cryptoeconomic mechanisms are the evolution of human cooperation at scale and this course is intended to make those mechanisms available to more people. Incentive alignment can solve the world's hardest problems. We can't do it alone though. We need your help. If you'd like to contribute please drop into the forum and dive in! If you'd like to support the community that is building out this course, please donate to our GitCoin, MolochDAO, and TBD campaigns!